Jan PRIOR is a professional artist residing in Brisbane, that sprawling sub-tropical city in the Southeast corner of the Sunshine State.

She rarely has to travel far for inspiration for her artwork. To the east, the tranquil waterways of Moreton Bay, to the north and south, the dazzling surfing beaches and spectacular hinterland and to the west, the soft luminous colours of the plains beyond the Great Dividing Range, and there is Brisbane itself - the old Queensland homes standing aloft on wooden stumps, the backyards of mango, banana and pawpaw trees; and each November, the Jacaranda massing in lavender over hillsides.

Since becoming a full-time artist, Jan Prior has successfully exhibited in many of the state's favourite art galleries. The restful quality of her work offers a serenity that art collectors have been eager to bring into their homes and offices.

Jan is a member of the Pastellist Society of Australia and the Royal Queensland Art Society (where she was a recent winner in their Annual Exhibition).

Her ambition is to continue exploring both the natural and man-made beauty of the region she lives in, and to share her response with lovers of harmony and beauty everywhere.

Since the age of two, she was hardly ever found without a pencil in her hand. She attended Brisbane Central College of Art where she was introduced to other mediums. Jan was taught colour study by William Robinson, but unfortunately at that age knew too much to learn anything. She has renovated more than fifty Queensland cottages, mostly in Brisbane’s inner city. In the process of sawdust- making, Jan developed a love of Queensland domestic architecture that for the past twenty five years this has provided inspiration for her art. Jan mostly works in pastel for its vibrancy and immediacy (and is the closest to childhood scribbling as she can get) and in watercolour for its ability to surprise her – sometimes pleasingly.

Jan has been exhibiting at the Red Hill Gallery since its inception. Sixteen hundred works later, her paintings hang in many public and private collections across Australia and overseas.